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Announce Your Affiliate Summit West 2013 Party

We will be compiling a list of the parties taking place during Affiliate Summit West 2013 and posting the details on the Affiliate Summit blog.

Shawn Collins, Ice T, Coco, and Brian McGovern

Book the party announcement sponsorship, and we’ll promote your event, including the party name, sponsors, location, time and description on the Affiliate Summit party list.

We will also link to a URL for people to RSVP and/or get more details.

Please note that we will only promote events scheduled outside of Meet Market and Exhibit Hall hours, and hosted by people attending Affiliate Summit.

Get more details on the party announcement sponsorship.

Just a reminder that the following is in the terms and conditions for attendees when registering for Affiliate Summit:

Unofficial Events During the Conference
Anyone who hosts or plans an unofficial party shall not use the Affiliate Summit logo. The Affiliate Summit name can be used, however it cannot be utilized to imply that Affiliate Summit approves of, supports, or endorses the event in any capacity. Failure to abide by these conditions may result, at the discretion of the Affiliate Summit, in the eviction of persons involved without compensation to the attendee, and the attendee may forfeit the right to attend a future Affiliate Summit event.

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