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Affiliate Summit Blog

Affiliate Summit Live Moniker Domain Auction

I spent a bit hanging out at the Moniker domain auction last night. Here are the results. I made sure to cover at least some of this event, so I stopped by for the first hour or so. Having been my first domain auction, I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at […]

Affiliate Summit Photos

Courtesy of Stephanie Agresta’s Flickr steam. I’ve just picked out a few.

Affiliate Summit Day 2 Over – Send Me Your Blog Posts

Let’s do it again tomorrow! I’m finally back in my room after a very long and fun day here at the Summit. Had a lot of fun today in the official bloghaus. Planning on more video interviews tomorrow and hopefully some webcam fun. It’s not looking like I’ll get the videos up during the show, […]

Make The Monkey Dance

Ping me with what you want me to do and I might just do it on the web camera. You should really be here at the event though.

Networking At The Summit

Once again, the real power in this event is the networking. I’ve personally introduced about 10 people to either press members or other vendors who “fit” in the last 5-hours or so. You simply cannot underestimate the value of being here in person. I’ve made connections here over the past years (and today) that have […]

Bloghaus Day One

ZE Frank did a great job with his keynote this morning. Very entertaining. Brad Waller (sans hair) has a writeup over at ReveNews about it. Things are beginning to wind up here in the bloghaus. Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends has setup in the room and is planning to do an interview with Shawn […]

Live From The Blogging Room, I Hope!

Trying to post the live webcam, but Shawn has not given me admin privs to mess with his blog. Let me track down Mr. Collins. Ok, we’re live on the right of this blog.

Monday Morning – Let’s Get This Started

Shawn posted up a short video on his other blog, as well as some pics in his Flickr account. As for me, I’m up and attempting to get ready and head down for the keynote. Then I’m opening up the blogging room. First thing is to attempt to setup the live webcam. Check back around […]

Day One of Affiliate Summit in Miami

Quick visual recap of day one of Affiliate Summit in Miami with clips of booth setup and the Affiliate Meet Market.

Shareasale Sunday Night Party

Let me tell you something. The Shareasale party is ALWAYS a great party. Brian Littleton has a knack for picking cool places to have a get together. I just got back to the room after a 5-hour sweat-fest at the Sagamore hotel in South Beach. Sure, it was hot out there, but the venue was […]

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