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Daniel M. Clark to Head Up Newcomer Program at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Since Affiliate Summit West 2009, I have had the honor of coordinating the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program.

As my own business has evolved I’ve found I can’t put in the effort I’d like in so many different directions. So, I’ve made the tough decision to let go of a few things, and as a result I will no longer be attending Affiliate Summit West.

Thankfully, Daniel M. Clark agreed to fill the role of Newcomer Program Coordinator for Affiliate Summit West 2012.


Daniel and I met at Affiliate Summit back in 2006 when we were both new to the industry. Now we’ll be working together throughout the year to continue this fantastic program. I can’t think of a better person to help the newcomers.

If you’re not familiar with Daniel, he is a podcast production consultant and the founder of QAQN, a collection of informative and entertaining podcasts. A resident of the internet since 1992, he either is or has been: a t-shirt designer, an art reviewer, a system administrator, a video game designer and programmer, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a podcaster, a space cowboy, and a gangster of love.

He has, in fact, gotten his lovin’ on the run. Mostly what Daniel is right now is a work-at-home dad, raising two kids, ages 6 and 2 with his wife, Angela.

Daniel has written articles for FeedFront magazine and He publishes a variety of podcasts at, including Inside Internet Marketing, his most frequently downloaded show. Daniel has been a speaker at four Affiliate Summits since 2008.

He has been involved with the Newcomer Program since Affiliate Summit West 2010.

As you register for the upcoming show, sign up with the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program as a volunteer to help first-time attendees or as a newcomer and get a little extra help finding your way.

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