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Apr 02, 2019

4 ways influencer marketing contributes to conversions

Corey Padveen

Influencer marketing is nothing new (it’s been called PR for decades), but over the past few years, it has become more widely applied as a pure digital marketing tool. This being the case, brands need to know how to leverage influencer marketing in order to drive up measurable actions that lead towards conversions.

While influencer marketing offers a number of mechanisms through which conversions can be driven and optimized, these are four examples that any brand - large or small - can begin leveraging today.

Build Recommendation Engines

Peer recommendations have long been the most trusted source of referral traffic when it comes to new users or customers. Every year, we are presented with data like the Edelman Trust Barometer showing growth in peer recommendations as the leading generator of loyalty based referral conversion. As trust among consumers goes up, so does awareness and willingness to convert, particularly with new audience members. Using influencers to share your products and services helps highlight honest insights about what you are offering, and leads to the growth and strengthening of your recommendation engines across the web.

Increase Website/Store Deep Linking

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), building deep links to data collection pages and conversion/purchase pages can be a somewhat difficult task. These pages tend to offer little in the way of search value, so creating a backlink ecosystem to drive up the presence of these pages in search is hard to do; that is unless you’re working with influencers that can create content around those specific pages. Using influencers within your industry or that cater to your target audience can help build strong search signals for key conversion pages, which will help boost those pages when it comes to organic search results for individuals looking for your product or service offering. The key, in this case, is to focus your influencer content on relevance in search.

Cultivate Brand Advocates

Much like peer recommendations, brand advocates are some of the strongest sources of organic referral that exist in the marketing world. By leveraging influencers and including them in your communications strategy, you have a greater chance of cultivating honest brand advocates that stand by your products or services even after they have been asked to try them as part of a structured campaign. This builds your organic presence and helps shorten paths to conversion by creating an avenue for direct referrals from industry influencers that have garnered significant trust among their audience members.

Strengthen Conversion Funnels

If you’ve implemented a proper communications strategy, you already have conversion funnels in place. Using an influencer outreach strategy as part of this program can only lead to improve your conversion funnels and add yet another avenue through which prospective customers find your brand and convert in the shortest time frame possible. [FF]

Corey Padveen, TEDx speaker, author of Marketing to Millennials for 20 Dummies, Partner at t2 Marketing International.


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