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May 06, 2012

Adding and Dropping Categories for the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards

Shawn Collins
We put a call out a couple months ago to ask if we should add and/or drop any categories for the annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards. We’ve had six categories (Affiliate of the Year, Affiliate Manager of the Year, Exceptional Merchant, Affiliate Marketing Advocate, Best Blogger, and Affiliate Marketing Legend) for the annual Pinnacle Awards since their inception. But we’ve gotten periodic feedback that we should update that list. We got quite a response, and have decided to act on the areas that were mentioned most often. So, we’re going to be adding awards for the best OPM/agency, as well as the best tool/service. And we’re dropping the award for best blogger, as well as reducing the frequency of the Affiliate Marketing Legend award. Thank you to all who shared their ideas and feedback.