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Nov 29, 2016

AffStat 2016 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report Now Available for Free

Shawn Collins
The Affstat 2016 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report is now available for free at AffStat.com. The report can be viewed online or downloaded. This marks the 14th year that we’ve come to report on the state of affiliate marketing with the annual AffStat report. Way back when AffStat was started, the purpose was to bring together data for the burgeoning affiliate marketing space. Along the way, the questions we’ve asked have evolved, but the final result has remained the same – a snapshot of where the industry has been for this past year. Take a look at the results and compare them to last year (you can still get the 2015 report at AffStat.com). How has the industry changed over the past year or two? Some results may surprise you, while others will reaffirm what you already believe to be trends in affiliate marketing. Thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the survey. Feel free to use material from the report in blog posts, presentations, etc. Just reference that the information came from the AffStat 2016 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report.
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