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Aug 05, 2014

How to Use the Conference App for Affiliate Summit East 2014

For Affiliate Summit East 2014 we are using a conference app from Bizzabo (iPhone / Android) and we want to show you how to use it. bizzabo app ase14 The event introduction page, which is more like a cover page or home page, is where you’ll see the event name, date, venue and address. You will see in the top right corner you can access your messages by clicking on the envelope. This is an example of a message: bizzabo app ase14 Next we will click on “community”. In the community page you will see your connections, and people who are not your connections below, but you can request to connect. Next to the connections is “My leads”. bizzabo app ase14 In “My leads” you’ll see suggested leads from Bizzabo, and you can also create your own list of people you might want to star as leads. bizzabo app ase14 Next is the Agenda. In the agenda you can sywpe to the left to view different tracks on the agenda. When you are on track one, you can scroll up and down to view the events. If you scroll to the left, after the first two or three tracks you will see start to see the tracks for the Astor Ballroom, the SoHo Complex, the Majestic Complex, and the Shubert Complex where all sessions will take place. When you see the sessions you can click on them to read the description and see the speakers. You can also click “like” and also add it to your agenda by clicking to add it. If you just “like” the session it will put a thumbs up by it, but not save it for your schedule. If you add it, it highlights it blue so you know you’ve successfully added it to your schedule. You’ll also see the three dates at the top Sunday 10/8 (10 August), Monday 11/8, and Tuesday 12/8. Click on the day you want to view and that days schedule will appear. Now onto the next main button, which is “Tweets”. If you click on that you will see who is saying what for the event hash tag which is #ASE14. You’ll notice that at the top, the app already puts in #ASE14 in your message. This is a nifty feature since you won’t have to sign in and out of apps to get to Twitter. The Bizzabo app also links to your Linkedin profile and Facebook if you choose it to. bizzabo twitter ase14 This is an example of viewing a profile. bizzabo profile ase14 The last main button on the tab is “Partners”. That is where you can view the tops sponsors and any offers they may have. You can also view exhibitors as well.