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Apr 23, 2013

I Got Issue 22 of FeedFront in the Mail

Shawn Collins
Issue 22 of FeedFront Magazine came in the mail to me at the end of last week. This issue of FeedFront Magazine includes LobbyCon Men by Shawn Collins, 3 Time Saving Tips for Business Owners by Ryan Sorensen, a Philly Insider’s Guide for Affiliate Summit Attendees by Debra Rabin, and a recap of Performance Marketing Summit 2013. Also, 3 things learned from marketing to teens, mining merchant content, 7 habits of successful content creators, entering the mobile marketplace, 7 reasons to manually approve affiliates, and content locking 101. If you don’t get FeedFront by mail, issue 22 of FeedFront will also be distributed at Affiliate Summit Meetups this spring. Here are the articles for this issue: Editors Note: LobbyCon Men by Shawn Collins 3 Things I Learned Marketing to Teens by Maggie Talbot Mining Your Merchants for Content Gold by Joe Sousa 7 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators by Scott Jangro Across the Pond: UK Affiliate Marketing Challenges by Jamie Tapia 5 Steps to Secure Your WordPress Site by Don Campbell 3 Time Saving Tips for Business Owners by Ryan Sorensen Successfully Entering the Mobile Marketplace by Melissa Filipkowski 4 Things All Great Affiliate Managers Create by Matt McWilliams How Facebook Graph Search Can Help Businesses by Stephanie Lichtenstein 5 Ways to Dominate With Mobile by Shawn Shellengarger Pinterest: Your Mission Statement on Steroids by Ashley Coombe Adapting to the Current SEO Landscape by David Iwanow Philly Insider’s Guide for Affiliate Summit Attendees by Debra Rabin 7 Reasons to Manually Approve Affiliates by Wade Tonkin Find the Best Affiliate Program for You by Shawn Collins Affiliate Marketing Business Mindset Makes a Difference by Laura Wolf Negative Impact on SEO from Shared Hosting by Chris Carrel How to Prevent Developers from Losing Interest by James Thompson Search Engines Gone Social by Alek Flekel Content Locking 101 by Tony Cohn You Should Promote Complementary Affiliate Programs by Jason Hulott Hedging Bets: Affiliates And The Unregulated Markets by Rachel Hirsch Performance Marketing Summit Recap by Shawn Collins Your Industry Needs You Now by Missy Ward 5 Ways to Profit with Existing Content by Jen Goode The issue mailed last week, so it should be hitting mailboxes all over the U.S. any day now (if it hasn’t already). If you can’t wait to see your copy (or you’re not currently a subscriber), you can download issue 22 of FeedFront. Free subscription to U.S. addresses at http://feedfront.com/free-subscription.
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