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Aug 20, 2018

Meet Stephen Rumbelow - A Speaker at Affiliate Summit APAC 2018

Karen Abarian.

We caught up with Stephen (https://affiliatesummit.com/speakers/stephen-rumbelow-2/), Group CEO of Optimise (https://www.optimisemedia.com/) in the lead up to Affiliate Summit APAC 2018. Stephen will be part of the C-Suite Keynote panel

Realizing the potential of the APAC region, October 2nd, 11:30am and will also be speaking on Using your data as a tool to scale within APAC, October 2nd, 16:00pm. Why is South East Asia’s ecommerce market so exciting? Ecommerce in Southeast Asia is hugely excited due to the seismic growth opportunities associated with a large population, the region becoming the largest for global ad spend in 2019 (surpassing North America), the dominance of ecommerce marketplaces and the skyrocketing smartphone adoption rates, with the region having four of the world’s top 10 markets for smartphone adoption. But, what also makes this ecommerce market even more exciting is how mobile affects the habits and behaviours of Asia’s mobile-first consumers as they turn to their smartphones throughout their purchase journeys. It feels like we’re on the cusp of a seismic shift and by making the most of the changes in consumer behaviour in a mobile-first region we can start paving a path for the region, and perhaps the rest of the world. Which country in the region is most interesting and why? Indonesia! Optimise launched in Indonesia in 2017 due to the size of the growth opportunities e.g. a population of 262 million, 133 million online (51% penetration) and digital ad spend forecast to grow from $478 million in 2017 to $746 million in 2020, making it the 3rd largest country in terms of digital ad spend. Indonesia’s demographic composition is also promising - there are many young people, with around half of Indonesian’s under 30, and a growing consumerism mentality. In 2014, McKinsey & Company revealed that Indonesia has one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. This high consumerism culture among Indonesian youth is a result of increasing internet availability and social media platforms. Indonesia is ranked high for social media penetration, coming forth globally and first in Southeast Asia. These social media networks are being utilised for ecommerce because young people are more likely to be influenced via social media in their purchasing options. Growing up in an inclusive digital environment is one of the reasons young people in Indonesia are being targeted as a large market for ecommerce. Indonesia is also a mobile-first country, with consumers turning to their smartphones throughout their purchase journeys. Think with Google state that 77% of Indonesian smartphone users visited a related website after conducting a search on their device, and 69% of Indonesian smartphone users considered purchasing a brand they encountered after using their smartphones to research. Indonesian consumers reward quick, clear answers with sales - with Think with Google also stating that 92% of smartphone users in Indonesia being more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps help them easily find answers to their questions. (image 27) What are you most looking forward to from attending Affiliate Summit APAC? I’m looking forward to networking with key industry players and thought leaders, meeting new and exciting advertisers and publishers and discussing how as an industry we can help partners realise the huge potential of ecommerce in Southeast Asia. I personally feel this event has been a long time coming, and as an industry we can collaborate more effectively to develop common standards and best practise to enable brands to overcome the challenges that this fragmented market has, which will be for the greater good of the performance marketing industry. Why do you think it is important people attend Affiliate Summit APAC? I think it’s important that people attend to really understand how to harness the huge ecommerce growth potential in Southeast Asia, and how to overcome the barriers. I’m looking forward to sharing Optimise’s insights and best practise with people in terms of how we help our partners scale cross-border, overcome the challenges around cross-device tracking, currencies, language and payments; as well as how we’re innovating with data to help brands increase their CPA market share, drive incremental sales from a diverse range of channels and increase sales from higher value consumers. There’s lots to discuss around common standards for tracking as well, and also why being able to accurately measure customer journeys is critical to be able to know how to influence consumers’ ‘micro-moments’ - those intent-rich moments when people turn to their smartphones to learn, discover or buy something. Optimise are proud to be a Gold Sponsor and look forward to seeing you all there! View the Affiliate Summit APAC 2018 full agenda here (https://affiliatesummit.com/asapac18-agenda/?event_id=35570) You can also download our attendee brochure here (https://affiliatesummit.com/adam-glazer/asapac18-attendee-brochure-download/) Register you pass here (https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/newreg.php?eventid=340472&)