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Aug 21, 2013

Take the Poll on Where We Should Have the Next Affiliate Summit East

Shawn Collins
We have a poll up through August 28 to pick the city for the next Affiliate Summit East. Since the start of Affiliate Summit, we have been to a variety of cities in the east: Boston, Miami, New York City, Orlando, and Philadelphia. Would you like to re-visit one of those cities or go someplace new? We’ve got over a dozen cities for you too choose from in the U.S. and Canada. Will this be the first time we go full Canada (we did visit by boat for the second Affiliate Summit with a stop in Nova Scotia), back to NYC, or stay in Philly? A return to Boston, Miami, or Orlando? Or some other new city? Not for nothing, but I’d love to go to Nashville, so we can have some quality music. Please take the poll now!
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