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Aug 26, 2016

Thank You to the Affiliate Summit East 2016 Newcomer Volunteers

Tracey Daniel
At every Affiliate Summit we have a large number of newcomers that attend. They are seeking guidance and hoping to make the most out of the conference. Thank you, conference veterans, for volunteering some of your time to help a newcomer feel welcome at Affiliate Summit East 2016. We genuinely appreciate each and every person’s time and assistance. Thank you to the Affiliate Summit East 2016 Veterans: Adam Riemer – www.adamriemer.me Andre Colantuono – www.befrugal.com Benjamin Bertisch – www.affilisites.com Brook Schaaf – www.prepdish.com Catharene Garula – www.cohortglobal.com Christopher Park – www.bluestem.com Danay Escanaverino – www.lunasolmedia.com Danielle Raybuck – www.danielleraybuck.biz Isabel Robles – www.merchantconnections.com James Dorans – www.ptilink.com