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Jul 24, 2018

The World is Coming Together at Affiliate Summit East 2018

Shawn Collins

I was just looking at the countries where people are coming from for Affiliate Summit East 2018, (https://affiliatesummit.com/events/ase18/) and it’s neat to see marketers converging on New York City from all around the world.

Outside of the United States, the country sending the most attendees is Canada. After Canada, people are coming from the following countries in the biggest numbers (1 is the highest): 1. Israel 2. United Kingdom 3. Germany 4. India 5. China 6. Netherlands 7. Ukraine 8. Cyprus 9. Russia 10. Czech Republic Overall, people from more than 70 countries and over 2,000 companies have registered for the conference and tradeshow. About one third of registered attendees (see the companies registered to date) (https://affiliatesummit.com/affiliate-summit-east-2018-attending-companies/) are from outside of the U.S. There are so many opportunities all over the world that will be together for three days in New York City, so be sure to take advantage. I’m excited to see and meet marketers from all over the globe this weekend.