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Oct 28, 2013

Want Better ROI When Getting a Booth at a Conference?

Shawn Collins
The new book, How to Get the Most from Exhibiting at Conferences, is available for free this week on Kindle. In the book, I share how you can make the most of your time at a conference, as well as pitfalls to avoid. The advice is based on my ten years as Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, both from being a fly on the wall and talking to countless people over that time about what they like and dislike. Companies exhibit at conferences for a variety of reasons. Some look at the process as an expense as they seek to protect their market share. Others approach exhibiting as an investment in their business. Those are the companies that build and maintain real relationships during and after the event. It is essential to set measurable objectives in advance of the conference, so you can determine the ROI on your investment. Just showing up, setting up a booth, and waiting for the magic to happen is not going to cut it. There are three outcomes that routinely result from having a presence at an event: hitting it out of the park with all sorts of new business and plans, maintaining a presence and achieving some branding, and then having a counter-productive experience. It’s a short, quick read, and you can get it free on Kindle from October 28, 2013 through November 1, 2013. How to Get the Most from Exhibiting at Conferences is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
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