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Nov 28, 2014

Your Company Has Too Many Names Listed for Affiliate Summit West 2015

Shawn Collins
I was going through the list of registered companies for Affiliate Summit this morning, because I post updates weekly to the Affiliate Summit West 2015 information page, and noticed that many companies are inconsistent with the way they represent themselves. For instance, I’ve seen registrations for companies where five employees write the name of the company in five different ways. Sometimes they write the name in all CAPS, random capital letters, no capital letters, first letter capitalized, with and without .com, etc. Here is an example of how it looks for the same company listed in a variety of ways I’ve seen people use: Affiliate Summit affiliate summit AffiliateSummit AFFILIATE SUMMIT Affiliatesummit.com www.affiliatesummit.com affiliatesummit.com AffiliateSummit.com AFFILIATESUMMIT.com Not only can this lead to confusion in the marketplace, but it also reflects poorly on a company to represent themselves in such an inconsistent way. I’ve been guilty of this myself. Never too late to fix the problem, though. We’re fixing these issues as we come across them, but please contact Affiliate Summit if you see more than one version of your company name on the list of companies attending Affiliate Summit West 2015.
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