Jun 07, 2021

7 Ways Google Smart Shopping is Basically Just an AI-Driven ROAS Machine

Bethany Cowan

How does maximum reach and conversion sound? That's what Google Smart Shopping offers.

It sounds complicated, but the idea at the heart of it all couldn't be more straightforward. Ultimately, the power behind Google Smart Shopping is machine learning technology designed to optimize your campaigns.

How does it differ from Standard Shopping? Generally speaking, Smart Shopping is so effective because it combines Standard Shopping and display remarketing in an effort to guarantee you're always getting the right message in front of the right person at exactly the right time.

The key here isn't to turn it on and let it run. In order to maximize the benefits, marketers and ecommerce sellers need to understand the implications of each feature.'

Google Smart shopping allows you to:

# 1 Track users of existing purchases
This allows you to pay careful attention to what people are currently doing, so you can accurately predict what they want to do in the future.

#2 Identify common denominators in the customer experience
You'll learn things like demographic breakdowns, the timing of purchases, behavior before and after a purchase, etc. Then, it allows you to proactively identify additional prospects who may fit into these newly defined behaviors.

#3 Measure product performance
How are your products performing against each other? It also matches people who may be interested in related products.


#4 Automated Bidding and Ad Placement
This generates the highest possible return on investment for every dollar you spend.

#5 Show a variety of ads across networks in a far more effective way
By combining your existing product feed with Google's sophisticated machine learning, you're able to show a variety of ads across networks in a far more effective way.'


#6 Dynamic Prospecting'
This Google Ads feature allows you to show your best product at the exact right time to people who are most likely to be interested in it in the first place. Machine learning helps determine someone's specific interest and intent, which can then be leveraged to your advantage.

All this, combined with demographic information, virtually guarantees that someone is seeing one of your ads at the exact moment they need to in order to get them to come down off the fence and make a sale.

But there's one feature that rules them all...

#7 The data you take with you

The beauty here is all the information you learn from above'is data you can use to make your campaigns even more effective and relevant. You can evaluate your feed based on characteristics like performance, relevance and any other factors that you care about.

At that point, you don't just know what portions of your campaigns are working. You also know what isn't working and, more importantly, why. That allows you to get rid of the former and double down on the latter - thus creating even more effective marketing strategies across the board.