Apr 16, 2020

Five tips to activate your content affiliates

Stephanie Robbins

You've spent hours creating an outreach program to reach your ideal niche affiliate. The affiliate signs up. Champagne corks are popped. But then' crickets.

Here are five tips to increase activation and success with content affiliates.

Set Expectations. It begins once your affiliate states s/he is interested in running a campaign and/or receiving product for review. Set your expectations of the affiliate early and be detailed. My expectation guidelines include:

For the affiliate:

Launch Deadline. I typically give a minimum of one month unless the offer is time-sensitive.
Social Plan. Social media plan.
Email Strategy. Will there be a blast and what do they need?
Images. Influence images requested and terms. Can images be re-used by the brand?

For the merchant

Compensation. Commission and bonuses.
Product. If product will be provided, which ones, and when?
Assets. Images or other support items being provided.
Call to Action. What is the result you are looking for?

Make It Easy. Content affiliates many times have hectic schedules. They may be writing their posts in the evening when you aren't available.

Make it as easy as possible to create a campaign without having to stop and wait for a response. I create a Campaign Asset Page which includes:

Product details.
Product images sized for all mediums.
Topic ideas.
Research links.
Compliance instructions.

Incentivize. Money talks and so do bonuses. To rise to the top of the priority list, my content affiliate campaigns come with a bonus program that includes attainable and aspirational goals. You can also put together a 'go live,' which provides a bonus when the post goes live. Show the affiliate how the numbers will add up quickly and make your post a priority. In affiliate marketing, we can't necessarily require the number of posts or outreaches. However, we can make recommendations based on our experience and explain how these recommendations lead to full revenue potential. Bonuses options are typically performance-based such as the number of sales.

Limited Time Promotional Opportunity. The power of content affiliates/influencers is the loyalty and relationship with their followers. As such, content affiliates love an opportunity to give back to their followers. Offer your affiliates a limited time promotion such as a percentage off, gift with purchase or free samples. The limited-time promotion increases conversion rates which results in higher commissions and a happy affiliate. Create a code for your promotion that tracks within your network. The popular Instagram stories and posts are known for limited clicks. Empower your affiliate to promote without a link.

Follow Up. You tried these tips and still silence. Don't give up! Continue to follow up just as you did when you were recruiting. Space out your follow-ups to avoid irritating the affiliate but keep on it. You never know the external circumstances. Don't take it personally. Don't get upset. Be consistent, empathic and optimistic