Aug 18, 2020

Gen Z: Keeping Up With The Social Media Generation

Gabby Beckford

Authenticity is King

As the balance swayed into hyper-curation with Millennial influencers using apps upon apps to edit the perfect photo, craft the perfect caption, and emulate the perfect image, Gen Z's have swung the pendulum to the other extreme. Raw, honest, unfiltered content is what this generation wants to see. An era of overmarketing and 'fake news' has made it hard to know what's real or not. All they want to feel is that they're being spoken to without an agenda.

Gen Z is Non-Binary and Uber-Inclusive

Gen Z does not see a world of black in white but believes everyone is allowed to exist in their own shades of gray. They are vocal about their beliefs and want the brands they support to be too.Inclusive and diverse marketing campaigns resonate with them and gain their trust. Simple adjustments like using genderneutral pronouns, designing unisex clothing options, and having diverse brand reps will appeal to Gen Z.

With Gen Z, it's Ethics or Bust

Gen Z's are also the self-proclaimed 'woke' generation. They don't invest money into products or services that don't align with their values. Cancel culture is a terrible habit of this generation but it also shames them into positive courses of action.

Which social media sites are Hot or Not?

  • Youtube: The hottest, in fact, as the most visited social channel for Generation Z.
  • Snapchat: Hot. As I mentioned, raw and authentic social media platforms are thriving.
  • Instagram: Hot. Instagram's Story feature, IGTV video hosting, and constantly changing newsfeed keeps Gen Zs engaged, and more than half of Gen Z check the app daily.
  • Facebook: Not. Though it's community features and Facebook groups are somewhat popular, they seem to be the only reason Gen Z logs on anymore.
  • TikTok: Extremely hot. TikTok seems to garner more popularity with each day, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, and especially amongst Gen Z who seem to lead the platforms many trends and uses.

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