Mar 18, 2022

Influencer Natalie Jill's 3 Tips for Unlimited Content Creation

Bethany Cowan

Natalie Jill has created a brand that is recognized around the world.

She's authored two best-selling books. She has over 2.5 million followers on social media.

Throughout her career, she's rebuilt herself and created "something from nothing" three full times. She has a knack for helping women uncover not only what is holding them back, but what can drive them forward.

Natalie is also an expert social selling strategist - which is why we had her for a fireside chat at Affiliate Summit West.


#1 Know the Story of Your Audience

Natalie is known as a Fat Loss Expert. But her definition of FAT is a little different. She calls it "False Assumed Truths."

Natalie discovered that what really helped the women in her audience was helping them break free from those "False Assumed Truths." The idea that they're too old, or that they've waited too long, to accomplish their goals.

Whether that goal is starting a business or getting in shape doesn't actually matter. Freeing themselves from this mindset is absolutely the first step towards a much larger and more prosperous path.

Understanding the story her audience needed to hear unlocked her content creation.

Everything she does is something that would speak directly to her audience.


#2 The Mistake Most Influencers Make

She she said most influencers don't speak to their audience, but beyond them. Case in point: fitness programs.

When a lot of influencers sell fitness programs, they typically only focus on creating content around the program itself. What Natalie Jill does is simple: she asks herself who her avatar is and what they would want to see.


#3 Don't Limit Your Content Focus

For example, women in their 40s are more likely to enjoy life's simple pleasures like wine. They're probably dealing with a lot of stress. They usually have teenage children. Natalie Jill builds all of her content around things that speak to that precise experience.

In a lot of ways, this is the same basic concept as a buyer persona. If you're trying to sell something to someone, it stands to reason that you need to know who they are, what they like, what they don't like and what they want to hear.

Most people start with the product and try to build a bridge to the client. Instead, you should start with the audience and work your way back to the product. You'll have a much better impact.