Mar 02, 2020

International Women's Day - an interview with Cloe from Dreamin

Affiliate Summit

International Women's Day is coming up, and here at Affiliate Summit, we want to showcase to fierce and fabulous women in the affiliate marketing industry. We interviewed Cloe from Dreamin and spoke about challenges for women in the industry, her proudest moment of her career, and more.'

What has been the most challenging moment of your career?

When my first entrepreneurial adventure failed (2015). I put so much work, effort, time & energy in it that when we understood we had to close our company with my associate, 2 years after it all started, it has been a dreadful moment. Everything I fought for and believed in, had just fallen apart. I needed to rebuild myself, my self-confidence quickly to go back out there & prove my value to external people in order to get my bills wouldn't'wait for long.'

What is the proudest moment of your career?'

One of my investors'in my first adventure, that also became my friend, came to me 6 months after I failed and talked me through this new project; Dreamin. I was already in a new job for several months at that moment, CMO in a promising Startup & everything in my experience should have pushed me to not get interested in this new adventure. To not be willing to undertake an other big risk that quickly. This new project was very early stage and couldn't guarantee any stable income before a lot of time. But I had a good feeling about it. I felt it was an amazing opportunity that I shouldn't pass by. Especially because of the team, the 3 other associates. Amazing and complementary people. After very few days to think about it, I just quit'my job and went all in for Dreamin. Today, 3 years later we have an amazing team of 15 people and we experience thrilling growth internationally and I feel very proud to have taken that risk back then.

What female figure is your inspiration and why?

Sheryl Sandberg. I read her book "Lean In" and understood a lot of my behaviors & female friend's behaviors thanks to her analysis. It gave me empowerment which is very important when you want to think big and feel like you have the right to think big. To feel legit (because you are). Sometimes words, when they are extremely appropriate can be very powerful to transform a sleeping force in yourself. This book is also very important because it gave me the will to wright myself. To maybe have the chance to inspire, with my own experience and words, one day.''

The most important message you would send out to your peers, friends and colleagues?

Better done than perfect; Life (and competition) goes fast and I know so many people that are waiting for the perfect moment, or work until they believe their project or product is perfect to talk or to show it to someone...Get help, get advice, get counsel, the most you can and don't'wait too long to test your ideas. That's how you know it's worth working on and not otherwise. Don't be ashamed, release, test, get feedback, improve; That's how you get things done.

Why have you chosen to work within affiliate marketing?

My first job was in mobile affiliate marketing. It was in 2012 and it opened up a whole world I've never heard about before. I'm very fond of innovations and always try to look at things with an other eye in order to be able to innovate. When I landed there I immediately thought that the possibilities were infinite in terms of business opportunities and innovations. That's why I went back to it in 2016; with the need to see what's next (and the will to help to build what's next).

What do you think is the biggest issue for woman in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about networking. And to network in a men environment (as the Affiliate Marketing world is highly represented by Men) can sometimes be harder for women. We don't necessarily have the same small talks subjects, the same ability to go talk to strangers...In a word, women can be more "shy" than men. And Men can feel less comfortable'networking with women also. It can be less "natural" for them which can lead to missed business opportunities...'

What advice would you give to woman in affiliate marketing?

As networking is one of the key success in this field, I would advise any woman to never be afraid to just go out there. Don't overthink too much the fact that you are dealing with a lot of men, just consider them peers. Never forget that you are as legit to be working in this field than they are, and connect naturally with all of the ecosystem that can help your business.'

At the end of the day it's all about business opportunities anyway, not about Gender.''

Any empowering books/ articles you would recommend?

- Getting More - Stuart Diamond (the art of negotiation'in your day to day life)''

- Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg (the art of never underestimating yourself)

- Lean Startup - Eric Ries (the art of failing, to succeed faster - in product management)''

A quote by a female figure that you go by

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?" By Sheryl Sandberg. I love it as it's exactly how every human being, and not just women (even though women have a tendency to me more afraid than men), should think in their everyday lives.'You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.