May 13, 2020

How to Write Emails that Will Have Your List Clicking, Buying and Drooling at Every Word

Affiliate Summit

Laura Belgray, Founder of Talking Shrimp spoke to us at Traffic & Conversion Summit last year on how to become an inbox HERO.'

If you were making a list of all the ways to generate not only interest but also passion among your target audience, email marketing would undoubtedly be right at the top.

According to one recent study, email continues to deliver an incredibly strong return on investment'this despite the fact that literally billions are sent into inboxes around the world on a daily basis.

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, for example, you can expect to enjoy an average return on investment of about $32.So how do you instantly write emails that will have your list not only clicking, but also buying, and drooling at absolutely every word you type over your keyboard?

This article highlights the few key things you need to keep in mind along the way.

''''1. The Key to Becoming a True Inbox HERO: Breaking Things Down

One of the most important things to understand about email in general is that it's a far more emotional and intimate experience than a lot of marketers tend to give it credit for. A significant portion of people check their emails from bed on a regular basis and check their emails within just a few minutes of waking up in the morning. Remember that people also carry their smartphones around with them all day, every day.
Because of this, the number one thing you can do to become a true Inbox HERO is to make every email an 'email from a bestie' and become the type of person that your target audience members want to have a conversation with in the first place.

' ' 2. Don't Give People an Excuse to Send Your Message into the Trash

One of the problems that a lot of marketers tend to run into is that they craft email messages that make it absolutely clear that they're writing from the perspective of a business in the first place.

To put it another way, don't forget that every last portion of your email message needs to convey that this is more than just a traditional marketing message'and the subject line is probably the most powerful tool you have to that end.
The vast majority of all people WILL determine whether or not to open that message based on the subject line alone.

' ' 3. Don't Give Away the Whole Story in Your Subject Line

You must understand that one of the goals of this critical element of your email messages is to entice people to open and read the rest of your text. You can't do that if you essentially give the game away at the top of the experience you're trying to create for someone.

By asking a question, you're piquing someone's interest'if they want to know the answer, they have to open the message to find out. Once they've opened the message, you can let the rest of your text do the talking'thus making it more likely that someone actually gets to the end and is compelled to take your desired next step.

About Laura Belgray

When you need a powerhouse copywriter, you need Laura Belgray. Founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure, she's been an award-winning writer for nearly 2 decades. Laura works primarily with TV shows, writing promos, launch campaigns, upfronts, online content, book chapters, and more.