Jun 03, 2021

How 2020 Impacted the Finance Vertical

With PPC increasing, finance companies are looking for affiliates now more than ever before.

And, in finance… affiliates command a higher commission rate than this time last year.

Banks are struggling to keep up with hot-demand apps like Acorn and Robinhood, which means... 

They’re increasingly relying on content and affiliates to help build quality customer relationships.  

Those quality, long-term relationships heavily rely on one thing: data. With quality data being paramount over quantity data, pre-approved affiliates are proving as much as 2007% increase in a well-known investment app’s primary KPIs. 

Post-sale, those relationships are more important than ever! Financial institutions are focusing just as much on renewal as they are on bringing in new, quality leads. Affiliates pump up the quality in the customer journey long after conversion. 

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  • How finance companies are looking to work with affiliates (so you can position yourself in the best possible way)
  • 4 trends to look for in 2021
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