Meet Market Booking FAQs

Are there only tables? No booths? 

Yes, there are only tables. ASE is a 2-day Meet Market event comprised only of Meet Market TABLES; there is no Expo Hall with booths unlike at Affiliate Summit West. 

How can I view the floorplan? Can I select a table? 

You will be able to hover over a table on the live floorplan and registration page HERE, select it, view the pricing and start the registration process. 

Tables colored in gray are reserved while blue and orange tables are those that are currently available. Blue tables are Standard tables and orange tables are Premium tables. 

What is the pricing per table? 

Pricing is available on the live floorplan and registration page HERE; you’ll be able to see table pricing once you hover above tables. 

What is the difference between Standard and Premium tables? 

Premium tables are priced higher as they are in areas with more foot traffic (i.e. closer to the entrance, closer to the bar, on the corner of a row, etc) where you are more-likely to generate more leads. Please note that there are no difference between the inclusions of standard and premium table.

What is included with a standard Meet Market table? 

All standard Meet Market Tables include:

  • 1x 6 (L)  x 2 (W) x 2.5 (H) foot table 

  • 2x chairs  

  • 1x trash bin 

  • 1x company name sign in white cardstock 

  • 2x FREE Networking Passes

What is a Custom Meet Market Table? 

A Custom Meet Market Table is an upgrade from the standard Meet Market table, which includes the production & installation of branded custom graphics such as a custom counter graphic, with designs up to your choosing, making a super sleek, professional looking table! We offer this option to save time and money from not organizing your own printing and shipping! 

What is included with a Custom Meet Market table? 

All custom Meet Market Tables include:

  • 1x counter with custom graphic 

  • 2x meter boards with custom graphics  

  • 2x chairs 

  • 1 trash bin 

  • 2x FREE Networking Passes (to be registered via your Exhibitor Portal) 

Please see a rendering HERE listing all your furniture inclusions as well. 

I can’t pay by credit card. Can I pay by invoice? 

Yes, you can pay by invoice but please note that you will need to pay the invoice in FULL 7 business days once you have received the invoice. Use code INVOICEPAYMENT101 in the promo code section of the initial registration page to bypass the credit card payment stage. Once your registration is complete, we will forward your information to your finance team who will be sending you your invoice; the email will be coming from 

Note that if you are unable to pay your invoice in full 7 business days after receiving the invoice, we will have to re-release your table to the general public again. 

Who can I contact for more information? 

Reach out to our Sales and Customer Success teams at and we'll be happy to answer any further questions!