Affiliate Summit East Sponsor and Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsor and Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Exhibiting or Sponsoring for ASE? Look no further! 

Check this page regularly for the latest updates. If you still need help for your query you can reach out to our Customer Success team, who are here to help! You can reach us by email at

Support Hours:
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm EST


I’m interested in sponsorship options. Who can I contact? 

Reach out to our sponsorship team at who will be able to best fit your business needs. 

What is included in the sponsorship package? 

There are multiple different types of sponsorship opportunities at ASE24. Our packages are designed to connect you with your target audience so email our sponsorship team at to get the sponsorship brochure and learn more about what is available. 

Standard Meet Market Tables

What furniture is included with my standard Meet Market table? 

All standard Meet Market Tables include:

  • 1x 6 (L)  x 2 (W) x 2.5 (H) foot table 

  • 2x chairs  

  • 1x trash bin 

  • 1x company name sign in white cardstock 

  • 2x FREE Networking Passes (to be registered via your Exhibitor Portal) 

Does my Meet Market table include electricity? 

No, however you can order electrical power via the venue using the form HERE

Does my Meet Market table include WIFI? 

WIFI is included throughout the venue, however the signal is meant only for checking emails and light internet browsing.  

If you have a product demonstration or video showing at your Meet Market table, we would recommend ordering your own dedicated internet connection via the venue using the form HERE

What banners can I bring? 

You will be able to place two (2) pop up banners behind your Meet Market table, but you will not have a square footage of space to use. 

For this reason we have some specific guidelines you must follow at the Meet Market: 

  • You cannot have any additional furniture. Your Meet Market package includes a table and 2 chairs, you cannot bring or order any additional furniture.   

  • Your banner cannot be wider than your 6ft table and if you have more than 1 banner, the total width must not be greater than 6ft when they are stood next to each other.   

  • Your banner(s) cannot be higher than 8ft tall.   

  • Your banner(s) must be behind your table and not to the side of it or in another companies space. 

  • Your banner(s) must only be single sided. 

  • You cannot re-arrange the furniture from the position it is pre-set in.  

These rules are to keep the flow Meet Market quick to insure you get the most leads possible! 

Custom Meet Market Tables

What is a Custom Meet Market Table? 

A Custom Meet Market Table is an upgrade from the standard Meet Market table, which includes the production & installation of branded custom graphics such as a custom counter graphic, with designs up to your choosing, making a super sleek, professional looking table! We offer this option to save time and money from not organizing your own printing and shipping! 

What is included with my custom Meet Market table? 

All custom Meet Market Tables include:

  • 1x counter with custom graphic 

  • 2x meter boards with custom graphics  

  • 2x chairs 

  • 1 trash bin 

  • 2x FREE Networking Passes (to be registered via your Exhibitor Portal) 

Please see a rendering HERE listing all your furniture inclusions as well. 

How do I upgrade to a custom Meet Market and what is the price? 

The current upgrade price is $3,499 (to be paid by credit card only). To upgrade, register here.

Note that you will need to use a different email address to register for this upgrade than the one you used to register for any pass at the show as we require unique email addresses!  

How do I submit  the graphics for my my custom Meet Market table?  

Make sure your files meet the specifications and graphic file guidelines HERE, then submit graphic files via email to AND CC Make sure your subject line includes your company name, booth number and ASE24! 

Do I get to keep the custom Meet Market table items? 

The short answer: YES!

The material used to make the counter graphic and meter boards is a lightweight foamboard that this adhered to the counter and boards themselves; you are indeed able to take them apart at the end of the show and take them home but note that this material is not meant to be transported and may fall apart. 

Exhibitor Portal Access 

Where can I receive the link to my Exhibitor Portal? 

You should have received access to the Exhibitor Portal shortly after you have registered for a Meet Market table; the link would be found in an email from with the subject line “Your Affiliate Summit East 2024 Partners Portal Invite.” In any case, email us at and we will resend you the link. 

Can I add someone else from my team to the Exhibitor Portal as well? 

Yes absolutely. Email us at with the full name (first & last name) and the email address of the person you would like to add. 

Event App 

When will the app open?

The event app will be released 4 weeks before the event and remain active for 4 additional weeks post-show (so that you can continue networking!). All registered exhibitors and attendees will receive an invitation to join as well as communications on how to best-utilize the platform to meet your goals!

Who can access the app and how long can I access it for? 

All attendees of ASE24 will be able to access the official event app. The platform will be available 4 weeks before the event and 4 weeks after the conclusion of the event. The app will allow you to: 

  • Check out who is taking part in the Meet Market   

  • Check out who is exhibiting  

  • Message attendees 

  • Schedule meetings before you arrive in Las Vegas 

  • Check out our content sessions and build your personal agenda 

I’ve transferred my pass to another staff member. How can they access the app? 

The new attendee should receive access to the app via email after their pass has been transferred once the app launches! The integration between our registration system and the app can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be fully reflected on your profile.

I got an email from someone saying they have an attendee list for sale. Is this legitimate? 

The only way to see who is at the show is through the ASE official app!  Attendee lists are not given out to any vendors or attendees. 

Should you receive correspondence from someone claiming to offer an attendee list, please do not engage with them in any way and report them to

What if I don’t want to be added to the event platform? 

If you prefer to handle things in person, that’s okay too! You can opt-out of the platform at any time, keeping your profile hidden. To do so, open the app, and update your profile settings. You can also opt-out by emailing us at 

Lead Retrieval 

Are there lead scanners available for purchase? 

Yes, there are! Register for a lead scanner using this link HERE; please note that you will have to use a different, unique email address to register for this than your email address used to register for any passes. 

Our lead scanner is an add-on function of our event app. You will need to download the app in order to use the lead scanner. 

In early July, once the app is launched, we will be sending you a how-to guide answering most FAQs about the lead scanner including the following: 

  • How to add people to your team 

  • How to classify and mark leads scanned 

  • How to export leads 


What hotel do you have rates at? 

The official hotel of ASE24 is, of course, the Marriott Marquis New York in Times Square. Book your rooms before sell-out by using this link HERE (it's also available in your Exhibitor Portal). The deadline is July 13, 2024 to book at this exclusive, discounted rate; after this point, prices increase by an average of $700 per night. That being said, we would recommend booking your rooms ASAP! 

Should you have any questions regarding your reservation, call Marriott directly at 1-800-843-4898 In any conversations, please make sure to reference Affiliate Summit East as the event name to receive our exclusive rate. 

I received an email from another company about hotels. Is this a legitimate email? 

Please be aware that there are companies contacting Affiliate Summit attendees claiming to represent Affiliate Summit and offering various services related to the event; IGNORE these emails as they are scammers. Email any third party emails to us at to pass onto our legal team. 

What will happen with my hotel reservation booked through your link? 

4 weeks prior to ASE, your reservation will be transferred to the Marriott Marquis database. Should you have any questions regarding your reservation, call Marriott directly at 1-800-843-4898. In any conversations, please make sure to reference Affiliate Summit East as the event name to receive our exclusive rate.  

Food and Beverage 

Am I allowed to bring food from outside the venue to my Meet Market table?  

No, the Marriott Marquis has a right to sell all food or beverage within the venue and prohibit outside food or beverage. Should you bring your own food or beverage from outside, the venue may fine you. 

How can I order catering from the venue? 

Complete this form HERE and email the contact listed with the form. 

Is there free water and coffee? 

Yes, free water and coffee stations will be placed in the Meet Market on the 6th floor for you to enjoy!

Exhibitor Badge Registration 

How do I register for my passes? 

You will be able to register your free tickets in your Exhibitor Portal, in the Staff Registration tab. 

Can I transfer any passes to new people? 

Yes of course. Email us at with the new full name (first & last name) and email address of both 1) the person whose pass needs to be transferred and 2) the person who will need this pass. 

How many free passes do I get? 

Each Meet Market table Exhibitor gets 2x FREE Networking Passes. 

If you are a Sponsor, refer to the Staff Registration tab in your Exhibitor Portal to confirm how many free passes you receive as this may vary per your contract. 

Do you have any discounts to buy any additional passes? 

Yes! Use exhibitor promo code ASE24EX25 at checkout to take off an additional 25% off any Networking or VIP pass. 

Please note that your additional team will need to register with the above code in order to access the Meet Market floor during Exhibitor-only hours.

What is the difference between a Networking and a VIP Pass? 

Networking passes allow for access to the Meet Market, all stages and sessions as well as networking parties. VIP passes allow access to everything mentioned above, PLUS access to the exclusive VIP lounge serving complimentary beverages and food all day. 

Please note that AM Days Workshops are not included with either pass and require a separate purchase for each AM Days Workshop.

Why are there only some passes that appear in my Exhibitor Portal when I bought more? 

Only the free allotted passes that come with your Meet Market table are shown in the Exhibitor Portal.

I didn’t receive a receipt/confirmation for my pass registered. Can you assist? 

Should you misplace your ticket, we can always look you up in the system on our end when you arrive at registration check-in at the event. You can also let us know by sending us an email at and we can resend it to you .If you want to look for it in your email inbox the subject line of the confirmation email is: “Your ticket for Affiliate Summit East 2024!” and it has been sent from; it’s been known to sometimes get stuck in spam filters, so please check that out as well! 

I found a typo in my registration. What should I do? 

Making an adjustment before the show starts? No problem! You can update your registration information via a link to “Manage Registration Details” in your confirmation email.  

Can I still register for my complimentary Exhibitor Badge or purchase a pass on the days of the event? 

You sure can although we highly recommend you register yourself and your team in-advance to avoid long queues and delayed access into the event! Head over to the registration desk and the Customer Success team will arrange a pass for you. 

Please note that if you are purchasing this pass, this will be at a higher rate than if you purchased a ticket before the event. 

I (or my colleagues) cannot make it to the show. Can I get a refund? 

As soon as passes are purchased they are non-refundable. However, you have the to transfer your event ticket to another Affiliate Summit event. 

Please contact us at if you are unable to attend ASE25 and we will be happy to help with next steps!

You can check out our full Terms & Conditions here.  


Why do I need insurance? 

A requirement of exhibiting at any Affiliate Summit event is for ALL exhibitors to carry liability insurance for the safety of all participating companies at the event. 

Where do I submit insurance? When is it due? 

Please upload your insurance in the Exhibitor Portal, under the Task Upload Your Insurance by June 31, 2024. 

Can I buy insurance through Affiliate Summit?

 If you don't have insurance, you will find instructions in mandatory 'Insurance' task about ordering through our third-party vendor, Rainprotection. See HERE for more information.

What information needs to be on my Certificate of Insurance? 

Marriott Marquis 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, United States   

I am purchasing Rainprotection insurance and I am not based in the US but the form requires me to put a US address. What address should I put on my Certificate of Insurance? 

Include the following: 

  • Coverage Amount: $1,000,000          

  • Certificate Holder- please include verbatim: Affiliate Summit Corporation/ Affiliate Summit East, 110 S Hartford Ave, Suite 200, Tulsa, OK, 74140, United States 

  • Description of Operations- please include verbatim: (All activities related to) Affiliate Summit East, July 31 – August 1, 2023, Marriott Marquis 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, United States   


I need to ship items to the event, how can I do this?  

From pricing to more specific details, all the information you'll need is located in the Material Handling and Shipping section of the Exhibitor Services Manual HERE, also found in your Exhibitor Portal. 

Use and ship only to the address listed on the labels here for drop-off to your exact table: Meet Market Advance Warehouse Shipping Labels  

All items and materials shipped will be subject to material handling charges   
Please contact The Expo Group directly with any specific questions about shipping at

What is the deadline for shipping? 

Your items must arrive between July 14-24, 2024. Items arriving earlier or later than these dates may result in additional storage fees assessed or not arriving in time for the show.   

The warehouse opening hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM US EST. 

What can I/should I ship in advance? 

  • Pop-up banners and/or displays to go behind your table  

  • Tablecloths, coverings or other table decor   

  • Branded merch and giveaways  

  • Many other items (If you're not sure, please feel free to ask us!)

What can I/should I NOT ship? 

Additional furniture i.e. chairs is not allowed at your Meet Market table, so please do not ship any furniture.

Can I ship directly to the venue? 

Shipping directly to the hotel and venue, Marriott Marquis New York, is NOT recommended and strongly discouraged as the facilities do not have guaranteed storage capacity & exhibitors will also incur additional receiving charges for any items.