• March 25, 2020
  • March 27, 2020
  • Amsterdam
  • RAI Amsterdam

40.7405° N, 73.9832° W

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Open Space Sessions

Open Space is very different from a traditional structured conference format. There are no speakers, no pre-set agenda, no moderators, no bullet points, no topics, no timeslots.

How often have you attended conference sessions which provide information sharing and networking opportunities but then over the coffee breaks and in-between sessions you received the most value?

Essentially our open space format is one big coffee break where we hope you'll experience the most value!

How will open space work?

It’s a self-organising process in which we’ll invite YOU to take responsibility for what you want to talk about and care about and here is how:

  • You all to put forward topics for discussion throughout the day by writing them down, with your name, on an A4 piece of paper and posting it on the agenda wall
  • After we populate the agenda on the wall with the topics proposed by you, you will choose which discussion you want to go to and they will happen at the stations spread around the room.
  • There is no moderator for the discussions, apart from the person who proposes, or convenes, the topic
  • Because you’re choosing the discussion, it might happen that some discussions will have two people and others will have 15 people – and that’s ok, because one of the principles of Open Space is that Whoever comes is the right people.


  • Whoever comes is the right people – whoever comes is the people who can contribute the most to that conversation. Again, if it’s two people, that’s fine; if it’s 15, that’s fine too. Just make sure you take notes, even if it’s just one person.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. This principle allows us to focus on NOW, and not get bogged down by what could have or should have happened. So don’t worry about what you think you should be saying, or the topic you could be proposing – focus on what you want to get out of it.
  • When it starts is the right time – because creativity has its own time and you decide when you want to enter a conversation or, if you’re proposing a topic, when you want this discussion to start
  • When it’s over, it’s over – just like in principle 3 and as I explained earlier, creativity has its own pace, don’t pay attention to the clock, but to your own creativity – finish when you want to.