• February 2, 2021
  • February 4, 2021
  • Las Vegas
  • Caesars Forum Conference Center

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I want to attend, but I don’t know what pass to get

 We offer three pass types: Networking, Networking Plus and VIP pass. Decide which one is best for you using our pass type grid.


I want to arrange a group booking. Are there any discounts available?

If you are looking to bring 5 or more people to Affiliate Summit West 2020, please email support@affiliatesummit.com and our customer success team will get back to you. Discounts start at 20% off.

Do you offer a 1-Day pass?

Unfortunately, we do not! There are so many great things happening at Affiliate Summit West 2020 that we don’t want you to miss a minute of it. With that in mind, we only offer passes for all three days of the show.

I can’t find my confirmation email. What do I do?

Lost your confirmation in the cluttered world of your inbox? Check your spam folder or just drop us an email at support@affiliatesummit.com - we are always happy to help!

Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

We’re sorry to hear you can no longer attend Affiliate Summit West 2020. You can transfer your ticket to a colleague. Please email us at support@affiliatesummit.com with the full name, job title and email address of who you would like to transfer it to at least two weeks before the event. After that, there will be a $50 charge for any changes made to your badge.

Please note, this transfer policy doesn’t apply to complimentary affiliate passes.

I need a visa in order to attend. How do I get one?

If you are travelling from overseas, it is your responsibility to determine and arrange any Visa appointments that are needed. We are unable to provide any guidance or assistance in this matter.

However, we are more than happy to provide you with an invitation letter to get things moving! To start, you must already be registered for the show to apply for a Visa Invitation letter. Just send us an email at support@affiliatesummit.com and we’ll be happy to tell you what we need.

If you are denied a Visa application please contact us within one week from the rejection and we will be able to offer a full refund.

How do I see who will be at the show?

You can see the full Attending Companies list to find out what companies make up the 6000+ attendees of Affiliate Summit West 2020.

Who are the Sponsors and Exhibitors at Affiliate Summit West 2020?

You can view our current list of sponsors and exhibitors on our website.  


The information on my badge is wrong. How can I change it?

1.       Drop us an email at support@affiliatesummit.com with the changes you would like to make and we will be happy to sort this out for you

2.       Or you can make any changes yourself by logging into your Affiliate Summit West 2020 registration here.

Where do I collect my badge?

You can collect your badge at our Early Badge collection on January 26th 2020 at Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Or you can collect it from our Registration desk on any day of the event.

What do I need to bring to collect my badge?

Please bring your confirmation email, business card or valid ID.

I’ve lost my badge! What should I do?

We don't want anyone to be running around on site as you, so please take extra care with you badge to ensure you don’t lose it! If you do lose your badge, we are unable to reprint this and it will result in you having to purchase another pass (which nobody wants). So PLEASE keep an eye on it!


What payment forms do you accept?

We only accept credit card payments for attendee tickets. If you are purchasing an Exhibition Booth or Meet Market table, we accept wire transfers but please note there is a $20 fee.

I need help completing my payment.

If you have issues completing your card payment, please contact our customer success team and we will assist you.

Where can I get an invoice?

We can issue invoices for booths, Meet Market tables or Attendee tickets. Simply reach out to us at support@affiliatesummit.com and we will be happy to send over your invoice.

I can’t make it to the show, can I get a refund?

As per the Affiliate Summit Refund policy, if you inform us at least 1 month before the show we are able to refund you 50% of the price you paid for your ticket. Within 1 month of the show no refund will be issued. Please contact support@affiliatesummit.com if your refund request is due to a declined visa application.


Where do I find the schedule for the show?

We have taken months to create the perfect agenda for Affiliate Summit West 2020 and we are excited to share it with you. Check it out on our website or in our official event app.

Can I attend any sessions?

VIPs can view all the sessions. Networking plus have access to 6 sessions and Networking passes only have access to our keynote sessions.  Need to upgrade your pass? You can email your upgrade request to support@affiliatesummit.com

Will the sessions be recorded?

All the sessions are going to be recorded and all pass types will have access to the Keynote video recordings. Only Networking plus and VIP passes will have access to the session powerpoint presentations. Only VIP passes will have access to all sessions Audio recordings with slides.

Need to upgrade your pass?  You can email your upgrade request to support@affilaitesummit.com

How do I join a roundtable?

Networking Plus or VIP pass holder you can join any country round table in 3 steps by using our event app:

  • Find the country round table you would like to join in the agenda on our event app.
  • Click on the roundtable you would like to join
  • Click add to schedule.

If you wish to upgrade your ticket to Networking Plus or VIP pass, please get in touch with at support@affiliatesummit.com

What sessions would you recommend for me?

Our production team has selected their top session choices for you.

For beginners:
Knock it out of the park: 11 pro tips to improve your game!
Jeannine Crooks, Partner Acquisition & Development Manager - Awin US
Mike Allen, Founder - Businesswright Consulting LLC
John LoBrutto, Director of Affiliate Partnerships - Vital Plan, Inc

For Pros:
2020 Vision: Coupon trends to keep an eye on this year
Dan Cohen, Group Commercial Director - Savings United GmbH


Where should I stay?

Well in the middle of both Las Vegas and the event of course! We offer an exclusive discounted rate for all our Affiliate Summit West 2020 attendees at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. This is where the show is being held so is the best place to stay giving you a 0 minute commute everyday.

Where can I get some food?

All that networking can work up a hunger! Are you a VIP? Enjoy a hot breakfast and Lunch in our VIP Cafe. Not a VIP? There are lunch spots around the hotel and even a complimentary Coffee zone sponsored by Awin!


How do I download the official event app?

Our Affiliate Summit APP is available on both iOS and Android. Search for “Affiliate Summit Conferences” in your app store.

Or follow this link: https://affiliatesummitwest.zerista.com/native_app/store_url

What are my event app login details?

If you have used the Affiliate Summit event app before, you can use your same log in details and select Affiliate Summit West 2020 from the event list. To sign in, please enter your email that you used to register for the summit.

If you haven’t used our app before or have just forgotten your password, you can request your login details when you open the app. Look out for an email from our app partners at Zerista.

Can I access the event app on a desktop?

Yes, you can. Once the app launches on December 16th we will send out a link to access the event app from your laptop or PC. However, we recommend having the event app on your phone during the event for the best experience.

How do I book a meeting through the event app?

If you are ready to network, the Affiliate Summit event app makes organizing meetings with other attendees quick and easy.

  • Search the list of attendees using company, person or job title
  • You can send messages to introduce yourself and let other attendees know that you are interested in meeting them
  • To schedule a meeting, click the three dots icon next to the person’s profile
  • Select time, location and add a brief description. You can also add more attendees to the meeting

Please note: The meeting request will expire in 72 hours.

Why has the meeting request I sent/received disappeared?

To ensure both the meeting process and meeting table distribution is fair, we set 72 hour limits on all meeting requests. That means that if your meeting request isn’t accepted within 72 hours, this will expire and the table and time slot will be made available to other attendees again.

To avoid this happening we recommend messaging the attendee first to confirm their availability.

I sent a meeting request but it was declined. Does this count as one of my allowed meetings?

If you have a Networking Pass you will only be able to schedule 3 meetings. If one of these meeting requests expires or is declined it will not take up one of you allocated meetings.

Why can’t I book another meeting?

Networking passes can only schedule 3 meetings and send 3 messages. You can upgrade your pass to get the option to arrange more meetings. Get in touch with support@affiliatesummit.com to find out how to upgrade your pass.

When will I get access to the app?

We will launch the app in mid-December. This will give you plenty of time to create your own agenda, check participants’ list and arrange meetings. Look out for an email from our customer success team for more information.

How do I message an attendee?

Message attendees that you want to meet at the show is very easy:

  • Search for the attendee you want to message (in the search bar on the attendee tab) by either their name, company or job title.
  • Click the three dots icon next to their profile
  • Set a message subject and write your message


Please note: Any spam messages will result in your app access being revoked. Any inappropriate or rude messages will result in your ticket to Affiliate Summit being cancelled with no refund.

How do I see the agenda?

If you are using the mobile app, you can access the agenda from the navigation bar at the bottom of the landing page. On the desktop version, the agenda tab is at the top of the page.

Why is my company logo not on the APP?

Only our official exhibitors and sponsors have their logos displayed on the app. Want to exhibit or sponsor? Email support@affiliatesummit.com for more information.

I don't want to appear on the app. How do I prevent this?

If you clicked on “Please do not add me onto the networking app” when you registered to the event, then you will not be added.

If you changed your mind and no longer want to be added to the app or think you may have clicked the wrong box by mistake, please email support@affiliatesummit.com and we will get it all sorted for you.