February 7, 2023
February 9, 2023
Las Vegas
Caesars Forum

Welcome to the world of imagiNATION

ImagiNATION graphic


What do Facebook, the telephone, the Tesla Coil, the Edison Phonograph, Hairspray, the Hand Dryer and the Hard Disk Drive all have in common? 
Well, apart from fundamentally changing the way that we live our lives, every single one of them (plus legions of others) were all created or as we like to say ‘Imagined’ in the USA. 

The United States is the global hotbed of Imaginative ideas and creativity which is why ASW21 is being dedicated to what some refer to as the sixth sense – Imagination.  

The show will be a celebration of America’s incomparable history of ground-breaking, non-conformist, (on occasions rule-breaking) innovation set alongside the content, networking and Imaginative thinking that is shaping the future of partnership marketing. 

True to the theme, we have re-Imagined the exhibition experience to create three gallery style collections dedicated to the US:

Design and Engineering  



Popular Culture  


Science and Technology  



These curated collections will provide the backdrop to our 9 amazing content tracks ( see the list here >>) and networking opportunities!  
And just like partnership marketing… none of the game-changing creations on display at ASW21, were the result of someone working in isolation: instead, they were all the product of successful and Imaginative collaborations!  
So when we gather at ASW21 to build and develop diverse partnerships, we can do so surrounded and inspired by the outcomes of the most successful case studies of Imagination and innovation in US history. 

After all, as Albert Einstein said: 

‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination.’