• February 2, 2021
  • February 4, 2021
  • Las Vegas
  • Caesars Forum Conference Center

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Have you ever been sucked into a conversation that hijacks your entire evening?

Your colleague introduces you to their friend and So-and-So Company. They launch into their spiel and within seconds you realize they are lightyears away from helping you reach your goals and objectives.

And while they seem like a nice enough person, you know there is SOMEONE at this cocktail party who understands your needs, your market, and actually wants to support your initiatives.

So... how do you find them?

In the online dating world, customized profiles and advanced algorithms help eliminate candidates who aren't a fit and match you with the most relevant connections.

At Affiliate Summit, we thought, This should be a thing for conferences too! Well, now it is. Match! eliminates the awkwardness, saves you time, and connects you with the advertisers, affiliates, and vendors who offer the products and services you really need.AKA... you only meet the right people at right time for their business. As a Match! attendee, you will have access to a customized meeting experience that makes the most efficient use of your time.

How to MATCH! with your ideal connections?


  1. Join our waiting list below
  2. Look out for the matchmaking survey in your inbox
  3. Tell us about your perfect Match!
  4. Get recommendations based on your needs and interests

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What people are saying

The most relevant connections

"I’ve been doing Match! For Digital Agency Expo and throughout the event it has been great. I’ve made new connections and I have some new contracts out. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone." George Sturgis, Director of Marketing, Collective Intelligence 

Revenue Generating Partnerships

" Each placement was spot on, and the partnerships are already generating revenue for my company." Connor Smith, Director of Performance Marketing, Eaze Technologies 

Easy to use

"Match! was very responsive and helpful." Amanda Bono, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Adidas

Network expansion

"It connected me with companies I may not have connected with." Bryan Connington, AVP Affiliate Programs, Pets Best 

Focussed Conversation

"Dedicated space outside of main meeting areas makes for easier conversation (less noise, less likelihood of someone taking your table, etc)." Andrew Noonan, Lead, Aeroplan eStore, Air Canada


How does Match! work?     

How does Match! work?     

  • Complete our matchmaking survey to determine who will be your perfect Match!
  • Our matchmaking algorithm will generate recommendations based on your needs and interests
What does that mean for you?     

What does that mean for you?     

  • A guaranteed number of meetings with quality affiliates and advertisers who are looking for your particular solution
  • New business opportunities
  • Pre-qualified business meetings 
Key things for you to remember

Key things for you to remember

  • Match! meetings are personalized 1-1 meetings, using a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm
  • A personal Networking Manager will be able to help assist you every step of your journey and offer assistance with any questions you may have