Publisher Demo Stage

The Publisher Demo Stage, which is in the Exhibit Hall on January 24 - 25, 2023, will host 40 affiliates of all shapes and sizes (from mass media publishers and bloggers, to coupon and cashback websites!). They'll be taking to the stage to showcase their business in just 8 minutes! You'll find out:

  • Who they are 
  • What they do 
  • How they do it 
  • What they are proud of

So, if you want to get the inside scoop on what the world's best publishers and affiliates are doing (plus how you can work with them!) then you need to head on over to the Publish Demo Stage! 

If you want to find out when all of our Publisher Demo Stage sessions are taking place then please visit the agenda here and filter by location... just click "Publisher Demo Stage (Expo Hall)."

Affiliates include: 

Affiliates PDS

Publisher Demo Stage Speakers