Jul 14, 2021

How to Make the Most of #ASE21

Bethany Cowan

If you've been to ASE before, ASE21 is going to look a little different.'

  • We've tailored the event specifically for ecommerce entrepreneurs.'
  • We booked the most exciting and diverse speaker lineup EVER.
  • And despite the U.S. opening back up, we are prioritizing safety ' so you can focus on making the most out of this event.'

Now before you arrive, let's get your mind right. If you want to make the most of this event, you need to narrow your focus. The time is NOW to set your intention for ASE, so let's dive in.

#1 Choose ONE Big Takeaway to Go Implement

If you haven't already, feast your eyes on this agenda.

And what you're thinking is true, it IS going to be awesome. But here's the problem: it's going to be way more information than you could ever possibly implement.'

If you're not laser-focused, all those learnings will go in one ear and out the other. Content Overwhelm will set in and all those beautiful notes you scribed will collect a layer of dust before you can action anything.

Which is why I'm telling you: keep your eyes peeled. There's going to be ONE strategy that jumps out at you. Make that the one you implement. Star it, underline it, dog-ear it. That way you can take all the notes you want, but you don't lose sight of the most important thing ' the doing.'

Go ahead and download the event app now and start adding sessions to your personal agenda.
Download for'Apple
Download for Android


#2 Commit to 3 new partnerships by the end of ASE

Scaling ads is great. We love optimizing assets for social, traffic, and conversions. But the truth is: there is no substitute for the power of partnerships. (If you haven't noticed, it's kind of our thing).

Regardless of the deal you strike, commission structure you settle on, or what kind of partner you strike up a conversation with... Partnerships open the door to'new audiences, authority, influence, social proof, copy, creative, and so much more. They help you reach your ideal customer better and build their trust faster.'

That's why we have a 2-day Meet Market designed to give you the time and space you need to connect.

Connecting, agh! Scary! It's been so long, do I still know how to do this?'

Don't worry, we're all in the same boat there. Embrace the awkward.

And hey, you don't have to know who you're looking for. All you have to know is your values.'

  • Who do you serve? What is your ideal customer like? What do they want and need?

  • What's your mission? Outside of your customer, what impact do you want to have on your industry, the world, the future?'

  • What do you have to give in an ideal partnership? Think of it as relationship-building and not transactional.

By focusing on your values and leading with what you have to offer, your ideal partner will be drawn to working with you.'

Once you've downloaded the app, start connecting, following speakers on social media, and get excited about making connections (and deals!) in person.

#3 Identify Next Steps Before You Get Home

Let's be honest. Events are fun. ASE definitely has a reputation for being really fun. And after the year+ we just had?'

You can expect folks will be ready to let loose.'

To that we say, hear hear! And another beer ' which is free during Happy Hour! And coffee. All the free coffee, mmm...

But, remember your why. Your intention for attending ASE. You need to:

''''a) Implement your learnings, and'

''''b) Strike up new partnerships.

Now by the time you get back, unpack, catch up on email, return to home life, and try to recover from your conference hangover... Are you going to remember your next steps?

Was I supposed to text her, or was she going to call me?'
Flipping through the pages of notes... What was that strategy I liked?'

Don't let yourself be clouded by post-event brain fog. Take a minute at the gate before you board.

'' '1. Glance back through the event app
''''2. Review your messages and sessions
' ' 3. Follow your favorite speakers on social, and'
''''4. Write down five next steps in implementing your learning and following up on new connections!

In short, we want you to have fun!!! But don't waste your investment by failing to follow through on your intentions.

With that, I'll remind you yet again to download the app and get started on making the most out of this event. It's going to be one to remember.