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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about ASW21 Look no further! 

Check this page regularly for the latest updates. If you still need help for your query you can reach out to our Customer Success team, who are always here to help! You can reach them, phone or email.   

Email Us: 

We have listed our top 7 NEED TO KNOW frequently asked questions as priority. Before you go any further, make sure you check these out! 

Top Queries

How do I apply for an Affiliate Pass?

The deadline to apply for an Affiliate pass has now expired. You can still register for a networking, networking plus or VIP pass here.

How do I access the event app?

All attendees of ASW21 will be able to access the official event app. The platform will be available 4 weeks before the event. The app will allow you to:

  • Check out who is taking part in the Meet Market 

  • Check out who is exhibiting 

  • Message other attendees

  • Schedule meetings before you arrive in Las Vegas

  • Check out our content sessions and build your personal agenda 

Your fellow attendees will be able to see a quick snapshot of what makes you tick – including your full name and company, as well as additional details you’d like to share, from social accounts to headshots, or even just bio that you may choose to provide later. Don’t worry, your email address will never be visible so you decide who you want to network with! 

I want to arrange a group booking. Are there any discounts available?

Yes! We know everything is more fun with a group, and Affiliate Summit is no exception. We have group discounts starting at 20% off for groups over 5, plus additional offers for larger groups. Just reach out to support@affiliatesummit.com and our Customer Success Team will get back to you with your personalized offer.

Will the sessions be recorded?

All sessions are recorded and recordings will be available to purchase. You can book your recordings now here

How do I apply to speak at ASW21?

We love that you're interested in speaking at Affiliate Summit! You can find out more information about speaking, including the topics we will be covering and what we need from your proposal, and apply directly here.

Where can I get an invoice?

Reach out to us at support@affiliatesummit.com and we will be happy to send over your invoice for your Exhibitor booth, Meet Market tables or attendee tickets.  

I’m interested in sponsorship options, who can I contact?

Reach out to our sponsorship team at exhibitors@affiliatesummit.com who will be able to best fit your business needs.  

Registration and Passes

When is ASW21 taking place?  

We are SO excited to announce that Affiliate Summit West 2021 will be taking place on November 2 - 4 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. 

We cannot believe that it has been over a year since we got to meet in person on the West coast and we are so excited to be together again! 

What is included in my pass?  

We have 3 pass types available to purchase to attend ASW21. With our Networking, Networking Plus and VIP passes, you have everything you need to make the most of the event and give you access to industry leading companies and professionals. Each pass includes: 


  • Access to Meet Market and Exhibit Hall 

  • Access to ALL keynote sessions 

  • Access to affiliate marketing 101 sessions 

  • Access to the Official Event App (allowance of 3 bookable meetings & messages) 

  • Hot and cold drinks. Maximum of 3 complimentary beverages

Networking Plus 

  • Access to Meet Market and Exhibit Hall 

  • Access to ALL keynote sessions 

  • Access to the Official Event App (unlimited messages and bookable meetings) 

  • Hot and cold drinks. Maximum of 6 complimentary beverages 

  • Access to affiliate marketing 101 sessions 

  • Access to ALL tracks and roundtables 


  • Fast track registration 

  • VIP Meeting Area  

  • Access to ALL tracks and roundtables 

  • Keynote recordings 

  • Slides and audio of tracks 

  • Grab and go breakfast and lunch  

  • VIP Lounge  

  • Access to Meet Market and Exhibit Hall 

  • Access to ALL keynote sessions 

  • Access to the Official Event App (unlimited messages and bookable meetings) 

  • Unlimited VIP lounge refreshments 

  • Access to affiliate marketing 101 sessions 

Advertiser VIPs also get….  

  • Meeting table reserved for their own meetings throughout their time at the show  

  • Concierge call to help them make the most of their event – including restaurant recommendations, conference session recommendations, help with the app  

  • Networking Manager to help arrange meetings with publishers or tech   

You can purchase your ticket here

My ticket has been transferred over from ASE21, is it still valid for ASW21?  

As an ASE20 ticket holder, you would have been automatically enrolled to join us in-person for ASW21, taking place on 2 - 4 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. 

I want to arrange a group booking. Are there any discounts available? 

Yes! We know everything is more fun with a group, and Affiliate Summit is no exception. We have group discounts starting at 20% off and more. Just reach out to support@affiliatesummit.com and our Customer Success team will get back to you with your personalized offer. 

Do you offer a 1-Day pass?

We do not. There are so many great things happening at ASW21 that we don’t want you to miss a minute of it. With that in mind, we only offer passes for all three days of the event.

I’m a VIP, can I invite guests to the VIP lounge? 

No, anyone who enters the VIP lounge must have a valid VIP pass.  

How can I upgrade my pass on the show floor? 

Head to the registration desk and the Customer Success team on site can upgrade your pass for you. 

I can’t find my confirmation email. What do I do?

Lost your confirmation in the cluttered world of your inbox? Check your spam folder or just drop us an email at support@affiliatesummit.com - we are always happy to help! 

Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

You can transfer your ticket to a colleague for free up to 2 weeks before ASW21. After that, there will be a $50 charge for any changes made to your badge. 

Please email us the full name, job title and email address of who you would like to transfer your ticket to at support@affiliatesummit.com

Please note, complimentary affiliate passes can’t be transferred. 

Can I transfer my pass to someone else and upgrade this? 

Absolutely! Just reach out to  support@affiliatesummit.com and we can sort this for you. 

How can I upgrade my pass? 

Reach out to the Customer Success team at support@affiliatesummit.com and we can upgrade your pass for you. 

I need a Visa in order to attend. How do I get one?

If you are travelling from overseas, it is your responsibility to determine and arrange any Visa appointments that are needed. Although we are unable to provide any guidance or assistance on any specific Visa appointments, we are more than happy to provide you with an invitation letter to get things moving!  

You must already be registered for the show to apply for a Visa Invitation letter. All you need to do is complete our Visa Request form here.  

My Visa was rejected. Can I get a refund? 

If you are denied a Visa application, please contact support@affiliatesummit.com within one week from the rejection and we will be able to offer a full refund.   

If you need to cancel closer to ASW21, you’ll be able to receive a full refund, so long as you cancel your ticket up to 30 days before the event. 

Affiliate Passes 

How do I apply for an Affiliate Pass? 

The last day to submit a request for an affiliate pass for Affiliate Summit West 2021 was Friday, October 1, 2021.

What we’re doing to keep you safe

What additional safety measures are you putting in place in light of Covid-19?

What additional safety measures are you putting in place in light of Covid-19? 

We want you to have a great time at ASW21 and that means keeping you safe and happy! Health and safety guidelines have changed A LOT over the past few months. We are closely monitoring all government guidelines, regulations and advice. All Health & Safety measures implemented at ASW21 will be in accordance with this. 

The health and safety of our attendees is our NUMBER ONE priority. And while we’re confident that we can safely run ASW, we’ll be constantly monitoring the situation and adapting to all state required protocols. We have created a whole guide on how we’re keeping you safe, check out all the details here

Will I receive a refund if I can’t go to the event because I test positive?

Yes! Please contact us at support@affiliatesummit.com if you are unable to attend ASW21 because you have tested positive for Covid-19, we will be happy to provide a full refund for you. You will need to provide evidence of your positive test. 

Alternatively, you can transfer your tickets to ASW22. 

Will I need to wear a mask at the event?

We want to make all of our attendees feel as comfortable as possible and as always will be following guidelines set out by the state. There is currently a mask mandate in Nevada and so all attendees at ASW21 will be required to wear a mask. You won’t be allowed into ASW without a mask and security will be checking this.  

How can I get into Las Vegas with the current quarantine rules? 

Right now, we know there are quarantine rules in play for out of country travelers BUT we anticipate with the roll out of vaccines that this will change come November. For now, we advise you familiarize yourself with the current travel regulations here and plan accordingly. 

I’d like to stay at the hotel but what is the hotel doing to keep me safe? 

At Ceasars Palace Hotel, the health of their guests and team members continues to be a top priority, please check out their Health & Safety protocols here. 

 Below is just a small list of what Caesars Palace Hotel are doing to help you stay safe: 

  • Front desks have been arranged to allow for appropriate social distancing 

  • Queues have been marked to identify the appropriate distance between guests 

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front desk 

  • Team members, including guest room attendants, will not enter occupied rooms 

  • Guest deliveries will be dropped off outside the guest room door 

If you have any specific questions on the hotel, please reach out to our Customer Success team directly at support@affiliatesummit.com

We offer an exclusive discounted rate for all our ASW21 attendees at Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas. With a limited number of rooms available, book now to avoid disappointment via our exclusive link here. 

Caesars Palace Hotel has a free cancellation policy, which means should you need to cancel your trip to ASW21 for any reason, you can do so up to 72 hours before your arrival date. 


The information on my badge is wrong. How can I change it?

You can update your registration information via a link to “Manage Registration Details” in your confirmation email. 

Can’t find your confirmation email? Reach out to us at support@affiliatesummit.com with the changes you would like to make and we will be happy to sort this out for you as well as resending your confirmation email. 

Where do I collect my badge? 

You can collect your badge at our registration desk at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The exact location for the registration is to be determined, and we will have more information on this closer to the event. 

There will be plenty of time to register safety onsite in time for the event opening. Our team will release the onsite registration location and times nearer the time! 

We are currently working on a socially distant registration plan for badge collection and will be releasing this for you to check out very soon! 

What do I need to bring to collect my badge?

You need to bring your confirmation email, business card or valid ID.  

I’ve lost my badge! What should I do?

If you lose your badge, we are unable to reprint this and it will result in you having to purchase another pass.  

Payment and Refunds

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept the following credit card payments for attendee tickets: Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discover. 

I need help completing my payment.

If you have issues completing your card payment, please contact our Customer Success team at  support@affiliatesummit.com

How old do I have to be to attend ASW21? 

You must at least be 18 years old to attend an Affiliate Summit conference. 

How long is my discount code valid for? 

If you’ve received a discount code, it is valid for 2 weeks.  

Can I purchase a pass on the day? 

You sure can! Head over to the registration desk and the Customer Success team will arrange a pass for you. Please note, this will be at a higher rate than if you purchased a ticket before the event.

Where can I get an invoice?

Reach out to us at support@affiliatesummit.com and we will be happy to send over your invoice for your Meet Market tables, Exhibition or Sponsorship or attendee tickets.  

I can’t make it to the show, can I get a refund?

Please find below our refund policy:

  • You can cancel your ticket and receive a full refund if you email us your request within 24 hours of booking. 
  • If you need to cancel your ticket more than 30 days before the event you will get a 50% refund. 
  • Tickets canceled within 30 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.
  • You will also be given the option to transfer your event ticket to another Affiliate Summit event.

Please contact us at support@affiliatesummit.com if you are unable to attend ASW21 and we will be happy to find the best option for you. You can check out our full Terms & Conditions here.  

Agenda and Sessions

Where do I find the content schedule for the show?

It has taken months to create the perfect agenda for ASW21 and we are excited to share it with you. The complete agenda can be found here

Can I attend any sessions?

You will be able to attend any session with your Networking Plus or VIP pass.  

Networking passes can only attend keynotes.  

Will the sessions be recorded? 

All sessions are recorded and recordings and are available to purchase here.   

What is included in the recordings? 

You will receive recordings for all breakouts and non-keynotes which include slides and audio, as well as all keynote recordings including slides and audio plus a live camera shot! 

How do I apply to speak at ASW21?  

We love that you are interested in speaking at Affiliate Summit! You can find out more information about speaking, including the topics we will be covering and what we need from your proposal, and apply directly  here. 

How can I register for sessions? 

To gain access to all the content sessions & networking opportunities, you can register in the app. We will be releasing all details about the app nearer the show! 

I’m a speaker at ASW21, can I attend any sessions? 

Absolutely! All speakers get a VIP pass for the show.  

Event App

How do I log in to the event app? 

You will be able to access the official ASW21 app with the email address you used to complete your registration. The event app will be released 4 weeks before the event and all registered attendees will receive an invitation to join as well as communications on how to best utilize the platform.  

What if I don’t want to be added to the event platform?

If you prefer to handle things in person, that’s okay too! You can opt-out of the platform at any time, keeping your profile hidden. To do so, open the app, and update your profile settings. You can also opt-out by emailing us at support@affiliatesummit.com

I've transferred my pass to another attendee? How can they access the app? 

The new attendee will receive access to the app via email after their pass has been transferred! 

Hotels and Food

Where should I stay?

We advise you stay as close to the action as possible so you can be the first in the room when the networking starts and have the ability to take advantage of the on-site facilities! We offer an exclusive discounted rate for all our ASW21 attendees at the Caesars Palace Hotel. You can book via our exclusive link with our trusted official partner, Connections Housing, here

Caesars Palace Hotel has a free cancellation policy, which means should you need to cancel your trip to ASW21 for any reason, you can do so up to 72 hours before your arrival date. 

Where can I get some food?

All that networking can work up a hunger! Luckily, there’s plenty of places to grab a refreshment at Caesars Palace who offer the finest restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip! Check the wide variety out here

How can I contact the hotel? 

If you have questions or are experiencing issues, Caesars are here to help! You can reach them directly from 6AM-3PM (PST) Monday-Friday at +1 866 227 5938. 

What food is available on site? 

Grab and go breakfast and lunch is included in the VIP pass. For Networking and Networking Plus passes, there’s plenty of places to grab a refreshment or bite to eat at Caesars Palace. It’s the ultimate destination for a wide variety of celebrity chef restaurants, a world-class buffet and other delectable dining options. 


Do you have a coat/baggage room?

We do not have a coat or baggage room on-site! If you are staying in the hotel, you are welcome to take advantage of any of the amenities they have available!

What should I wear?

You should wear what makes you comfortable! Want to show off your new bow tie and a cowboy hat? Go for it! Want to aim for the more business casual fare? We like that too! If we had any advice to pass on, we would recommend that you include some comfy shoes in your suitcase. Networking means spending a lot of time on your feet, so be sure to bring something easy to walk in while you count those steps!

I lost something at the show! Is there a lost and found?

Ask a staff member at registration or at the info booth - if anything turns up lost, we are happy to hold it for you. 

Does Caesars Palace have disability access? 

Yes! Caesars Palace is ADA compliant. In accordance with the ADA, Caesars Palace boasts permanent premises access accommodations, such as wheelchair lifts, elevator standards, door width standards, and restroom accessibility. 

I got an email from someone saying they have an attendee list. Is that legit?

Should you receive correspondence from someone claiming to offer an attendee list, please do not engage with them in any way and report them to support@affiliatesummit.com.

Your privacy is very important to us, so we will never disclose our attendee list to anyone outside the event. The only way to see who is at the show is through the attendee app!


I’m interested in sponsorship options, who can I contact? 

Reach out to our sponsorship team at  exhibitors@affiliatesummit.com who will be able to best fit your business needs.  

What are the inclusions of each sponsorship package? 

There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities at ASW21, our packages are designed to connect you with your target audience and our sponsorship team can best assist you! 

Check out our sponsorship packages and their inclusions here

First time exhibiting? Here's why Affiliate Summit is a great fit for you! 

It's great to have you on board at ASW21! The Meet Market, Exhibit Hall and Sponsorship opportunities within the event have been created to help you with lead generation, brand awareness and positioning. Our packages are designed to connect you with your target audience. 

Our sponsorship team are here to help you find a package to best fit your business needs and can be reached at exhibitors@affiliatesummit.com 

Can I reserve more than one booth? 

Booths will need to be purchased separately online. If you’re interested in booking more than one booth, please contact  andrew.stewart@clarionevents.com

I can’t make it! How can I cancel my sponsorship? 

If you need to cancel closer to ASW21, email our sponsorship team at exhibitors@affiliatesummit.com. Cancel your sponsorship to ASW21 up to 30 days before the event to receive a full refund.   

Clear Health Pass

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a  Health Pass that verifies your US vaccination card and/or links to your negative test, it contains everything you need for frictionless entry to ASW21. All attendees will be required to download and use the CLEAR HEALTH PASS. To use CLEAR Health Pass for ASW21 you’ll need to enter the event code: EFATTENDEE28

What are ASW21’s entry requirements?

All attendees need to be fully vaccinated (US & International permitted) or have had a negative test result within 72 hours of arrival (PCR or rapid test permitted). Please note you can only link your negative test 24 hours before arrival. 

Ten days before the show, you will be able to access our CLEAR HEALTH PASS app to upload your US vaccination card or link your negative test results with a US provider. This must be completed before arriving onsite in order to collect your badge and wristband. You’ll be required to wear your badge and wristband at times, failure to do so will result in going through this process again.  

Please note your negative test results can only be linked 24 hours before your arrival time. 

Please note only US vaccination cards and US negative tests can be verified on the CLEAR app, international vaccination cards and negative tests will require onsite approval. 

How do I use CLEAR?

You will have access to our CLEAR HEALTH PASS ten days before the show. The link and code will be emailed to you as soon as it’s available. 

All attendees are required to download the CLEAR HEALTH PASS and upload either a US vaccination card and/or link your US negative test results to your health care provider. Vaccination cards can be uploaded ten days before ASW21 but negative test result need to be within 24 hours of arrival at ASW21. 

Once verified by CLEAR, you will be given an APPROVED health pass which you'll need to show us at the CLEAR Health Pass collection, which will take place before badge collection.  

International vaccination cards or international negative test results are not accepted by CLEAR, our team will verify your status in person at ASW21. 

Are there step-by-step instructions for using the CLEAR Health Pass?

Yes, please find the instructions below (PLUS: If you run into any trouble on the app, please contact them by dialing (001) 855 253 2763 for the fastest member care responses.)

1. Download the CLEAR Health Pass

2. Click “Your Pass” 

3. Click “Have a code” and enter the code: EFATTENDEE28

4. Begin enrollment (or verify your account if you're an existing member) 

5. Fill in your details, add identity documents, and upload a picture to verify your identity (if you're an existing member you simply need to confirm your email address)

6. Select your screening options. Follow either option A or B:

A) Upload a US vaccination card. You must be fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks before you arrive at ASW21. Vaccination cards can be uploaded anytime before ASW21, but we recommend sooner rather than later

    How to upload your US vaccination card:

  1. Add COVID Vaccine

  2. Choose how you want to add your vaccination record

  3. Scan your CDC card or link with your health provider

You will receive an approved health pass immediately, this will expire in 24 hours but when you arrive onsite, you can simply refresh it within seconds 

B) OR link your US negative test results to your health care provider. Your test results must be received within 72 hours of arriving at ASW21. AND your test results must be added within 24 hours of arrival at ASW21 (remember your pass will time out after 24 hours)

    How to link your US negative test results: 

  1. Tap “Get tested 72 hours before entry”

  2. Select “Connect Provider”

  3. Select from the list or choose “See More Providers” 


7. The approval process takes up to 30 minutes, Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm (EST). Outside of these hours, the approval process will still take place but it may take significantly longer

8. Once verified by CLEAR, you will be given an APPROVED CLEAR Health Pass which includes your; name, photo, unique QR code, and the passes expiration time

9. You'll then simply have to show it to us at the CLEAR Health Pass collection, where you will receive a wristband (so you only need to go through the process once, unless you lose your wristband). The CLEAR Health Pass collection will take place right before badge collection

10. Enjoy ASW21 and build LOADS of partnerships safely!

REMEMBER: If you run into any trouble on the app, please contact them by dialing (001) 855 253 2763 for the fastest member care responses.

If I have an international vaccine or international negative test how can I verify my results? 

You can verify your results onsite.  

Our team will be onsite and available to verify any international vaccination cards or negative tests. 

Do I need a negative test if I am fully vaccinated? 

If you have been fully vaccinated two weeks or more before ASW21  you do not need a negative test.  

Can I get a test from any health care provider in the US? 

CLEAR works with most US health care providers. To ensure your negative test is accepted through CLEAR, you can log into the app and under your profile tab, select to view connected LABS, to see the health care providers. 

Can I download the app now? 

Yes, you can download the app now and sign up however we recommend you wait until ten days before when our event code will be available. The ASW21 code and link will be emailed to you.  

When can I upload my vaccination card?

The code will be available ten days before ASW21 opens, and we will email you the link, event code, and full instructions as soon as it’s ready. You can upload your US vaccination card as soon as you get the link. 

We highly recommend uploading your vaccination card before arriving onsite to avoid any delays at badge collection. 

When can I upload my negative test? 

Your US negative test can be linked up to 24 hours before ASW21 begins. If your test is international, please bring it to ASW21 and our team will validate it onsite. 

Remember, your results must be received within 24 hours of your arrival on day one at ASW21.  

To upload your negative test, the CLEAR app will connect directly with your lab to get your results. Make sure you check the connected LABS on the app before getting a negative test.  

Please note, you can't just upload a photo of a negative test. 

How long does CLEAR’s approval take? 

The approval process takes up to 30 minutes, Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm (EST). The approval process will still take place over the weekend and outside of these hours but it may take significantly longer. 

I don’t know want to share my vaccination card or a negative test? 

To attend ASW21, proof of vaccination and/or a negative test is mandatory. 

Who has access to my data? 

All data provided to CLEAR is governed by CLEAR’s member's terms and privacy policy. Affiliate Summit does not have access to this information. Each CLEAR member is in control of their own data. 

Does CLEAR keep my data after the event? 

CLEAR members stay in control of their data and always have the ability to cancel their membership and request their data be purged from CLEAR’s systems. Purge requests can be submitted by contacting the CLEAR care team in the app. 

What happens if I lose my wristband or badge? 

If you lose your badge all you need to do is head back to registration for collection, but you must be wearing your wristband.  

If you lose your wristband, you will be required to present your CLEAR Health Pass and ID to get a new wristband.