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CLEAR Health Pass FAQs

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a  Health Pass that verifies your US vaccination card and/or links to your negative test, it contains everything you need for frictionless entry to ASW21. All attendees will be required to download and use the CLEAR HEALTH PASS. To use CLEAR Health Pass for ASW21 you’ll need to enter the event code: EFATTENDEE28

What are ASW21’s entry requirements?

All attendees need to be fully vaccinated (US & International permitted) or have had a negative test result within 72 hours of arrival (PCR or rapid test permitted). Please note you can only link your negative test 24 hours before arrival. 

Ten days before the show, you will be able to access our CLEAR HEALTH PASS app to upload your US vaccination card or link your negative test results with a US provider. This must be completed before arriving onsite in order to collect your badge and wristband. You’ll be required to wear your badge and wristband at times, failure to do so will result in going through this process again.  

Please note your negative test results can only be linked 24 hours before your arrival time. 

Please note only US vaccination cards and US negative tests can be verified on the CLEAR app, international vaccination cards and negative tests will require onsite approval. 

How do I use CLEAR?

You will have access to our CLEAR HEALTH PASS ten days before the show. The link and code will be emailed to you as soon as it’s available. 

All attendees are required to download the CLEAR HEALTH PASS and upload either a US vaccination card and/or link your US negative test results to your health care provider. Vaccination cards can be uploaded ten days before ASW21 but negative test result need to be within 24 hours of arrival at ASW21. 

Once verified by CLEAR, you will be given an APPROVED health pass which you'll need to show us at the CLEAR Health Pass collection, which will take place before badge collection.  

International vaccination cards or international negative test results are not accepted by CLEAR, our team will verify your status in person at ASW21. 

Are there step-by-step instructions for using the CLEAR Health Pass?

Yes, please find the instructions below (PLUS: If you run into any trouble on the app, please contact them by dialing (001) 855 253 2763 for the fastest member care responses.)

1. Download the CLEAR Health Pass

2. Click “Your Pass” 

3. Click “Have a code” and enter the code: EFATTENDEE28

4. Begin enrollment (or verify your account if you're an existing member) 

5. Fill in your details, add identity documents, and upload a picture to verify your identity (if you're an existing member you simply need to confirm your email address)

6. Select your screening options. Follow either option A or B:

A) Upload a US vaccination card. You must be fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks before you arrive at ASW21. Vaccination cards can be uploaded anytime before ASW21, but we recommend sooner rather than later

    How to upload your US vaccination card:

  1. Add COVID Vaccine

  2. Choose how you want to add your vaccination record

  3. Scan your CDC card or link with your health provider

You will receive an approved health pass immediately, this will expire in 24 hours but when you arrive onsite, you can simply refresh it within seconds 

B) OR link your US negative test results to your health care provider. Your test results must be received within 72 hours of arriving at ASW21. AND your test results must be added within 24 hours of arrival at ASW21 (remember your pass will time out after 24 hours)

    How to link your US negative test results: 

  1. Tap “Get tested 72 hours before entry”

  2. Select “Connect Provider”

  3. Select from the list or choose “See More Providers” 


7. The approval process takes up to 30 minutes, Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm (EST). Outside of these hours, the approval process will still take place but it may take significantly longer

8. Once verified by CLEAR, you will be given an APPROVED CLEAR Health Pass which includes your; name, photo, unique QR code, and the passes expiration time

9. You'll then simply have to show it to us at the CLEAR Health Pass collection, where you will receive a wristband (so you only need to go through the process once, unless you lose your wristband). The CLEAR Health Pass collection will take place right before badge collection

10. Enjoy ASW21 and build LOADS of partnerships safely!

REMEMBER: If you run into any trouble on the app, please contact them by dialing (001) 855 253 2763 for the fastest member care responses.

If I have an international vaccine or international negative test how can I verify my results? 

You can verify your results onsite.  

Our team will be onsite and available to verify any international vaccination cards or negative tests. 

Do I need a negative test if I am fully vaccinated? 

If you have been fully vaccinated two weeks or more before ASW21  you do not need a negative test.  

Can I get a test from any health care provider in the US? 

CLEAR works with most US health care providers. To ensure your negative test is accepted through CLEAR, you can log into the app and under your profile tab, select to view connected LABS, to see the health care providers. 

Can I download the app now? 

Yes, you can download the app now and sign up however we recommend you wait until ten days before when our event code will be available. The ASW21 code and link will be emailed to you.  

When can I upload my vaccination card?

The code will be available ten days before ASW21 opens, and we will email you the link, event code, and full instructions as soon as it’s ready. You can upload your US vaccination card as soon as you get the link. 

We highly recommend uploading your vaccination card before arriving onsite to avoid any delays at badge collection. 

When can I upload my negative test? 

Your US negative test can be linked up to 24 hours before ASW21 begins. If your test is international, please bring it to ASW21 and our team will validate it onsite. 

Remember, your results must be received within 24 hours of your arrival on day one at ASW21.  

To upload your negative test, the CLEAR app will connect directly with your lab to get your results. Make sure you check the connected LABS on the app before getting a negative test.  

Please note, you can't just upload a photo of a negative test. 

How long does CLEAR’s approval take? 

The approval process takes up to 30 minutes, Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm (EST). The approval process will still take place over the weekend and outside of these hours but it may take significantly longer. 

I don’t know want to share my vaccination card or a negative test? 

To attend ASW21, proof of vaccination and/or a negative test is mandatory. 

Who has access to my data? 

All data provided to CLEAR is governed by CLEAR’s member's terms and privacy policy. Affiliate Summit does not have access to this information. Each CLEAR member is in control of their own data. 

Does CLEAR keep my data after the event? 

CLEAR members stay in control of their data and always have the ability to cancel their membership and request their data be purged from CLEAR’s systems. Purge requests can be submitted by contacting the CLEAR care team in the app. 

What happens if I lose my wristband or badge? 

If you lose your badge all you need to do is head back to registration for collection, but you must be wearing your wristband.  

If you lose your wristband, you will be required to present your CLEAR Health Pass and ID to get a new wristband.