• March 12, 2019
  • March 14, 2019
  • Amsterdam
  • RAI Amsterdam

40.7405° N, 73.9832° W

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The Happiness Hub

We are delighted to present one of the most hotly anticipated new features of AS Euro 2019: The Happiness Hub.

What is the Happiness Hub?

At the Affiliate Summit Europe Happiness Hub, you’ll find a space dedicated to brainstorming on one key factor in getting your business that all-important competitive advantage: employee happiness.

The Happiness Hub will host a set of three workshops on:

  • The power of team collaboration
  • Developing the mind set of a modern leader
  • Optimising your personal strengths and talents

Drop in to network with like-minded people and pick up valuable ideas on how to drive positive change in your organisation and increase business performance.