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Our webinars and videos are here to guide you through EVERY challenge and opportunity. So if you’re struggling with how to diversify your affiliate program or how to succeed in mobile commerce… then you’re in luck.

We’ll be bringing together experts to share their biggest breakthroughs and lessons with you so that you can leverage them to grow your business.


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Affiliate Summit Intelligence offers you a range of bespoke reports that deep dive a specific topic… so if you’re looking for in-depth information and data in a specific niche then our reports are for you! Report titles range from “100 US Advertisers Share how their Partnership Marketing Channel Strategy has Developed over the last 18 Months” as well as vertical or geographical spotlights.

Our reports contain in-depth interviews from industry stakeholders, data and benchmarks… this is your MAJOR shortcut to making your next presentation or pitch epic.


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If you’re short on time head on over to the blog and get at least 5 short and snappy articles every week! Expect key insights from our webinars and reports as well as affiliate marketing content from around the web that we’ve found interesting (and we think you might too!).

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What People Say


"The organizing team do a wonderful job at curating diverse contributors with unique perspectives"

Jessica Seib, Buzzfeed


"Affiliate Summit provides great thought leadership -- especially in the coupons affiliate/publisher category - to both a sizable and highly relevant audience of advertising brands, agencies, OPMs, and more"

Daniel Flannery, Groupon