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Our content is here to guide you through EVERY challenge and opportunity. So if you’re struggling with how to diversify your affiliate program or you’re looking for more information on how you can leverage the power of content marketing or in-app tracking... then you’ve come to the right place. Affiliate Summit is YOUR source of the most up-to-date affiliate marketing information around.

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Affiliate Summit runs the biggest affiliate marketing events in the world and attracts thousands of advertisers, networks, agencies and affiliates from across 70+ countries across the globe. Whether you’re an SME, an affiliate who just works in health, fashion or finance, a blogger, an Instagram influencer or perhaps you work for one of the world’s largest eCommerce brands… our events have got you covered.

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  • Are you looking for new ways to target your customers? If the answer is YES… Then you need to watch the Affiliate Summit webinar, “How To Win On iOS 14: Mobile Marketing in the post-IDFA world.”
  • In this webinar on Wednesday May 26, Carys Roche, Customer Success Team Lead, Partnerize, is joined by panellists from Hostelworld, Philips and Dept Agency to discuss their own experiences of cross-regional program management and the perplexities it can initiate. SAVE YOUR SEAT TODAY
  • There’s actually a simple equation for achieving more with your influencer partnerships (who doesn’t love simple?) and making them the high-ROI campaigns of your dreams...

  • With emails and sales pages, you have to achieve a lot all at once.   You're not just trying to get someone's attention. You're also trying to keep it, which lets you use it to get them legitimately e ...
  •  Every year, iPhone users around the world get excited about the iOS operating system updates.  Sometimes, bugs and other issues get fixed. System updates also roll out new features like changes to th ...
  • According to one recent study, nearly 80% of brands these days currently participate in some type of affiliate program. If you needed a single statistic to underline the importance of affiliate market ...

  • eCommerce in a "Cookieless" World

    Mar 16, 2021 Affiliate Summit

    It’s already happening — Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox have given third party cookies the boot, with Google Chrome racing to phase them out by 2022.

    What does this mean for eCommerce? How does it affect affiliates, networks, publishers and advertisers?

  • How have major brands prepared for Black Friday 2020? We uncovered the tactics they are using so you can implement and CASH IN on the biggest shopping event of the year.
  • Hear from advertisers and publishers on where the affiliate marketing industry is heading



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What people are saying


"I've thoroughly enjoyed each of the Affiliate Summit events. Definitely some of my most meaningful meet-ups to date"

Jessica Seib, BuzzFeed


"Affiliate Summit events in the US and Europe have been pivotal in helping our brand build relationships with our key partners, meet new affiliates and grow our business overall"

Lee Carter, Pretty Little Thing


"Affiliate Summit events are a great opportunity for us at Groupon to debut new product concepts as well as providing thought leadership - especially in the coupons affiliate/publisher category - to both a sizable and highly relevant audience of advertising brands, agencies, OPMs, and more"

Daniel Flannery, Groupon

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